Whitefish Credit Union Certificate Campaign

When Whitefish Credit Union, the largest credit union in Montana, asked us to help promote the 2023 launch of its Certificate offering, we realized when needed to present a value proposition that went beyond just a great rate of return. We created a series of animated 3D commercials highlighting Montana’s seasonal beauty and rugged terrain and tied it together in majestic fashion Whitefish’s ability to provide financial empowerment. The results of the commercial campaign were impressive. By year’s end, Whitefish had opened 7,946 Certificates totaling over $443 million in value. In total, 10.70% of Whitefish members opened a Certificate account within the first few months of the campaign launch.


Balance of Certificates


Certificates Opened


Members Opened Certificates

For our campaign, we immersed ourselves in the captivating seasons of Montana, crafting a series of broadcast and web videos that captured the essence of fall and winter. Beginning with hand-drawn storyboards, our creative journey transitioned seamlessly into animatic diagrams before culminating in fully realized 3D animations, enriched with custom sound design.
Animatic storyboard displaying video concept
The campaign encompassed both out-of-home materials and an online component designed to boost traffic to the Whitefish website. These materials were distributed regionally in areas where the credit union offers services.
Billboard advertisement
Mockup of web advertisements on computer
Mockup of web advertisements on computer