See the Girl Interactive Display

We constantly experiment with traditional ingredients and formulas for persuasion. For this project, we mixed ethos, advocacy, and experiential art via interactive display to create real chemistry between audience and event.

The Delores Barr Weaver Policy Center is a nonprofit organization that works to advance the rights of girls and young women, especially those in the justice system. Working with a creative concept from our partner Brunet-García Advertising and taking inspiration from a PSA we produced for the Policy Center, we set about creating an interactive experience for a luncheon to officially launch the Policy Center’s See the Girl campaign. Our goal was to create a piece that physically connected event attendees to the See the Girl call to action.

We wanted to have an authentic connection with this campaign, so we spent time getting to know some of the young women who had been assisted by the Policy Center. We then brought them into a production studio to create  short black-and-white portrait videos that would form the emotional backbone of our installation.

The installation incorporated a motion sensor to track the movements of the attendees, and in turn, activated a particle system that revealed the young women featured in our portrait videos. The ebb and flow of attendees near the installation produced varying dynamic sequences of reveals that allowed our audience to have an experiential connection with the campaign and literally See the Girl.

A woman looking at the interactive display
A man looking at the interactive display
A man walking past the display
A video display