Jacksonville Public
Education Fund
Interactive Book


Using physical and virtual elements in unique combinations is one of our specialties. When the Jacksonville Public Education Fund asked us to create an installation to help bring attention to its “Teachers Are More” campaign, we saw an opportunity to reimagine the traditional book in an elegant way that would surprise and delight. 

 We created an interactive book with  pages that showcase layered campaign elements in photographic, graphic, illustrative and text presentations. Projection mapping provides the content, while fiducial markers direct that content to specific pages. Touch sensors allow readers to activate interviews and animations while flipping through the book’s pages. A custom-built kiosk houses the system hardware and speakers, while a projector and infrared detection system mount to a  vertical back post that connects with the kiosk. The entire system is made for easy assembly and transportation.

While this particular iteration of the interactive book is campaign specific, we imagine future versions as interactive content delivery and education tools. The projector-based system acts as an intermediary between modern technology and traditional analog comforts.


Project Client
Jacksonville Public Education Fund



Interactive Design


Custom Software


Installation Design


Projection Mapping



Project Components

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