Health Profession
Opportunity Grants


There is a federal grant program that’s challenging stereotypes even as it changes lives. The Health Profession Opportunity Grants (HPOG) helps low-income individuals find jobs and career paths in healthcare. It is a workforce program that truly works, helping non-traditional students learn the academic and life skills they need to succeed.

Our job has been to document and share the remarkable HPOG success stories from around the country. Whether on-location in the deserts of Arizona, the mountains of Alaska, or the high-rises of Manhattan, telling intensely personal stories requires the trust of your subject and an understanding of your subject matter. In working with HPOG, we’ve acquired both. These videos provide a cinematic view of how one federal workforce program helps people thrive, not just survive. Narratives told from a compelling perspective help audiences reinterpret their perspectives on complex social and economic issues. 


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Health Profession Opportunity Grants



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