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Lantern Parade


The Jacksonville Lantern Parade was conceived as a way to illuminate creativity, art, and the majestic St. Johns River that runs through the heart of the city. To help make the parade happen, the event’s organizer, Jacksonville Magazine, needed a signature out-of-home piece that could attract a major sponsor. 

We focused on the CSX Transportation Building, an iconic part of the Jacksonville cityscape that is visible along most of the parade route. Using custom software, we generated a real-time “lantern” animation and sponsor screen that we projection mapped onto the facade of the 250-foot building. A powerful 30,000 lumen projector allowed us to cover every square inch of the facade with laser light.

Instagram photos of people taking part in the festival were incorporated into our animation through the use of a special hashtag. At timed intervals, these photos were projected onto the building creating a unique link between audience and event. The projection mapping experience turned an iconic city landmark into a one-of-a-kind canvas for engaging visuals and out-of-home advertising.  


Project Client
Jacksonville Magazine



Projection Mapping


Custom Software


Real Time Generated 3D Animation

Real Time
3D Animation

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Live Internet


Project Components

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