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Generation Us


 Home decor contains traces of who we’ve been, who we are, and who we will become. In short, our home decor is all about us. That idea inspired the creation of Generation Us, a modern home furnishings and lifestyle loft filled with classic contemporary options that help people define their living spaces. Before the opening of Generation Us’ flagship store , we worked to develop a brand identity that would get people excited about shopping at a brick and mortar store even as e-commerce was dominating the retail industry.

 Our brand development began with the creation of an iconic logo and tagline that cut through the retail marketplace clutter. These elements guided our storefront design, allowing us to establish a strong retail identity and make the store feel like a “destination” event for shopping. We also created an elegant suite of collateral materials that communicates a seamless impression of the Generation Us decor and lifestyle experience.

The Generation Us website design is Castaño Group’s digital take on the traditional lookbook. We combined editorial fashion aesthetic with irreverent humor and simple “showroom to showroom” navigation. The end result is a website that feels like a natural extension of the Generation Us lifestyle and shopping experience.


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Generation Us




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