E-Verify: Small
Business Vignettes


E-Verify is a web-based system that allows employers to confirm the eligibility of their employees to work in the United States. We faced the task of creating narratively-based videos designed to convince small business owners and HR managers that E-Verify was not only their partner in compliance, but also a trusted partner in providing benefits which lead to sustainable growth.

The video series we produced recreated several distinct small business environments in which E-Verify is an essential part of the employment verification process. The production process started with scripting and continued through location scouting, casting, and storyboarding to ensure the creation of relatable and realistic environments. 

To ensure that we maximized our budget and minimized costs, we embarked on an aggressive week-long production schedule at five actual business locations, transforming them into living, breathing working environments where our cast acted out real-world scenarios in which E-Verify's many benefits were put to practical use. The end result was a cinematic video series which captured the possibilities of partnership between E-Verify and small business owners nationwide.  


Client: E-Verify

Agency: Brunet-García Advertising

Director: Kedgar Volta

Producer: Joash Brunet

Director of Photography: Nick Solorzano

Lighting: Jon Whitford

Key Grip: Louis Di'Meglio

Assistant Camera: Morgan Armstrong

Hair & Makeup: Jackie Neal

Art Direction: Bronie Brunet



Video Production






Post  Production



Project Components